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We believe an energy supplier should offer real value beyond a simple sale of product!


If your supplier truly cares about you; 

  • a real person will answer the phone and will understand your needs,

  • they are prepared to offer competitive rates,

  • they will analyze your electricity bills to make sure that all those other costs are correct too,

  • they will find or recommend innovative technologies or methods to reduce how much energy you are using

  • they will give you sound advice on options to reduce your environmental footprint with"green" energy

NewGen Energy does!

Save Money with NewGen Energy
Save Money

Everyone wants to save money but in a world of increasing complexity, your energy bills are in a league of their own.

You have options.

  • Fixed term plans will ease your mind and your pocketbook.

  • Fluctuating rates have proven to be one of the lowest costs anywhere.

  • Buy "Green" electricity to reduce your environmental footprint.

Our experienced team of experts will work with you to help choose the right plan and simplify your life.

We are Albertans
We Are Local

If you should need to contact us, you will be getting answers from a team of experts that live, work and play in Alberta.  No long distance relationship with someone in a foreign country to slow you down.

We make house calls too!


If you feel it is important to sit down and plan your next step or need to see a real person before making that final decision, give us a call.  We'll be there to meet with you on your schedule.


We are Albertans and understand your needs.

NewGen Offers Value
Want More?

We offer real value to all of our customers and work hard to understand the energy issues you are facing.

We will work with you to:


  • Make certain  your energy delivery costs are correct and solve them when the're not.

  • Help you to reduce the amount of energy you use and the cost of operations.

These resources are all available to you just by giving us a call.

More Reasons to Switch
Utility Contracts

We will earn your respect.

Our fixed term contracts guarantee a set price for your electricity or natural gas, but if you should choose to discontinue your service with us before the term is up, we will not charge you a termination or cancellation fee.  Just give us 10 days notice and we'll take care of the rest.

Energy & Billing Options


We will do all the heavy lifting to get any changes made when you choose to switch to NewGen.  


Our goal is to make certain that the change is seamless and worry free.

Don't Know What To Do?

Our flexible service offerings are designed to fit your needs

and priorities.   Innovative options include:

  • Pick a billing date that works best for you.

  • Equalized Payments are created to make every bill the same amount. 

  • Consolidate statements for your electricity and natural gas bill.

Service Options

Reducing energy bills is more than just lowering the cost of

energy.  We have the experience to help you here as well.

  • At your request, we will audit your transmission and distribution costs.  If you are billed incorrectly, we will advocate for you with the authorities.

  • Our expert has more than 30 years of energy efficiency experience behind him and will identify the many ways you can reduce your energy use and show you what the return on your investment will be.


Today is when you start saving money!



NewGen will take care of the paperwork and phone calls to make your changes worry free.


Changed your mind?  There are no penalties or fees if you should choose to leave us.


There are no physical changes at your business or home.  Electricity and natural gas will continue to flow exactly as it is now!

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