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NewGen's management team includes all of the disciplines that you would expect from an aggressive group of industry veterans working together to service Albertan's energy needs; but there is more to this story than meets the eye.

NewGen has evolved from being an energy provider to now include a host of services designed to reduce your operating costs and budgets.  These include:

  • transmission and distribution fee analysis and dispute resolution,

  • renewable electrical energy  credits,

  • solar panel design, installation and financing.  

Keep an eye on us as we add even more services and products in the future.

Our sister company Syncarb Energy ( is moving forward with plans to install emissions free natural gas generators as well as several major Mega Watt scale solar farms.  


These projects visibly demonstrate our desire to deliver renewable and emissions free electricity to all Albertan's.  By association with Syncarb,  NewGen will offer even more opportunities for our many loyal customers to save money.

Today is when you start saving money!

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