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Paytm Canada Pre-Payment Program

NewGen Energy is proud to partner with Paytm Canada. You can pre-pay your next month's invoice using Mastercard with no additional service fees, and earn rewards points at the same time.

NewGen customers receive $5 cash back in their Paytm wallet when they make their first pre-payment using Promo Code NEWGEN.

Getting Started

Getting started with Paytm Canada is simple. Just follow these few steps, and start collecting points!

  1. Download the Paytm Canada app on your phone.

  2. Add your Mastercard as a payment method on your account.

  3. Figure out the best day to make your pre-payment by checking when your last billing notification email was received. Make your pre-payment for the next month at least 10 business days before this date. (Example: if your billing notification was received November 15, set your pre-payment to be sent no later than December 3).

  4. Again, referencing your last billing notification email, use the amount owing as an estimate to what your pre-payment amount should be for your next bill.

  1. Search for Spot Power within Utilities.

  2. Enter your account number (also found on your billing notification email) and the amount you want to pre-pay on your next bill.

  3. Choose the date you would like your pre-payment submitted or "Set it and Forget it" by scheduling recurring pre-payments.

  4. Review your details and pay.

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